Straight Forward Farm

We strive to raise the best & most flavorful meat possible while maintaining our commitment to heritage breeds- raised on pasture through the use of humane and sustainable farming practices. We do not take our role in the food chain lightly. We can confidently say that our livestock are amongst the best cared for and well loved you could possibly find! Period. 


Heritage Lambs

Grass Fed. Grass Finished.

Our lambs are grass fed, on pasture all year long.  Our heritage breed lambs are born & raised here on the farm.  Ensuring a consistent, well cared for, premium lamb of assured quality, diet and care.  Grass fed lamb is delicious, and the healthiest red meat available. An exclusively grass fed diet requires a great deal of work and dedication but we believe the results are worth it. We are confident you will agree.  

Delicious meat.  Pure & Simple.  

Sold by whole the whole lamb or by individual cuts. 

Premium lamb. Grown locally, and exclusively on grass. Cared for with love- by farmers you trust.

Hogs_lookingover_electric fence

Heritage Hogs

Pasture & Woodland raised.

Raising pigs who are docile and well suited for Wisconsin weather on pasture- year round, has always been fundamental to our pig raising adventure.  It makes for happier, healthier pigs.

A steady diet of local grains, fallen apples, nuts, pasture and woodland discoveries makes for tastier pork.  

Superb bacon.  Premium pork cuts.  

Sold by whole/half hogs or by the retail cuts.  

Premium pork. Grown locally, on a diet of fresh air, diverse grains, fruit, nuts And sunshine. Cared for with love- by farmers you trust.

Heritage Chickens & Farm Fresh Eggs

Raised on Pasture & organic feeds.

Our heritage breed hens consume a steady diet of sunshine, free range living & organic local feeds.  Their eggs are nutritious & organic.  


Our meat chickens are Red Rangers.  They rotate to fresh pasture twice daily & have continuous access to organic, locally milled feed.  We raise our heritage meat birds to both a premium size & quality.  We recommend you try them.  These chickens will become a staple of your family's Sunday dinners.  

Pasture raised. Organic Feeds. Outstanding taste.

Sold by whole bird. 

Premium chicken of superior quality, grown locally & conscientiously on fresh pasture & local organic grains.  Cared for with love- by farmers you trust.