"Delicious meat, raised on pasture, with love."


our Family Farm 

Established in 2010, Straight Forward Farm is a small sheep, pig and chicken farm nestled into the driftless area of southwest Wisconsin. It is the fruitful results of Julie & Krome's continous commitment to sustainable agricutlure, humane animal care, and ecological restoration.    

In 2010 Julie & Krome returned to rural Wisconsin- sharing a commitment to farming sustainable  desire to raise their two children in a rural community and a urge to bring farming back into their lives. In just six short years Krome & Julie have taken 47 acres of neglected, bramble infested, prairie farmland with no buildings or other farm features and with hard work and dedication of every spare minute- created a home, built a farm and restored the prairie pasture areas.  All of it done via their own efforts.

Agriculture has always played a piviotal role in Krome & Julie's lives, in fact it is what brought them together in 1993.