"Bacon Lover's Dream" Bundle!!!

"Bacon Lover's Dream" Bundle!!!


If someone at your house loves bacon- this is the gift for them!  This bundle contains a pack of each of our THREE premium bacon varieties!  That's enough bacon variety to be enjoyed at EVERY meal!! 

1 pack Premium Bacon (This award winning bacon will make your house smell heavenly!! Sure to make for smiley faces in the morning or help you look forward to your BLT at lunchtime. Either way- your day already looks brighter!)

1 pack Peppered Bacon (Impress your breakfast guests or really jazz up your burger with this speciality bacon!  We've taken or mouth watering bacon rolled it in pepper. A style created for the true bacon connoisseur.)

1 pack Canadian Bacon (Made exclusively from the pork loin, this Canadian bacon is meant to be sitting on your breakfast plate, pizza or Eggs Benedict.  Far superior than typical "ham product" style commonly found in stores- this is how Canadian bacon is suppose to taste!)

*weight of bundle will vary between 3- lbs. All packages are wrapped in brown butcher paper for maximum freshness.  Enjoy!

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